Italy considers locking down center of outbreak


An attendee at the Conservative Political Action Conference — a major annual right-wing gathering held in Maryland in February and attended by President Trump — tested positive Saturday for the novel coronavirus, the host organization said as the U.S. death toll rose to 19.

The White House is aware of the patient, and “at this time there is no indication that either President Trump or Vice President Pence met with or were in close proximity to the attendee,” press secretary Stephanie Grisham said.

Italy, meanwhile, reported its biggest daily increase in infections since the outbreak there began. The draft of a new government decree suggests the country is on the verge of dramatically expanding its no-entry zone in what would be the most serious step taken anywhere outside China to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

In the United States, top officials said they could not say how many Americans had been tested so far for the infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and public health labs combined have performed 5,861 tests, authorities said, but the total nationwide is unclear.

Washington state reported two more fatalities as the number of confirmed cases in that state rose to 102, a day after health officials in Florida reported two deaths there — the first recorded outside the West Coast since the outbreak reached U.S. soil.

Source : Washington Post


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