Grand Princess moves closer to shore as passenger needs medical assistance


    The Grand Princess cruise ship quarantined off California is moving within 20 miles of the coast at the request of the US Coast Guard because a passenger needs medical assistance.

    The ship’s captain announced in a video sent to CNN by a passenger onboard that moving closer would allow for greater ease in managing logistics and “the delivery of supplies.”

    The US Coast Guard has been called and the passenger may be airlifted off the ship, the captain added. While the exact time of the operation is unknown, a few guests will be asked to leave their rooms during the operation.

    “I know some of you may have onward travel booked for tomorrow morning since that was our originally scheduled disembarkation time, but unfortunately It does not look probable that disembarkation will occur,” the captain said.

    He also announced that medication orders are being filled for passengers onboard as required.

    Source: CNN News

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