There are now cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania

    Gov. Tom Wolf, joined elected officials on State, local and city level, former Commissioner Charles Ramsey and Superintendent William Hite call for unity in reduction of gun violence at an event at Parkway Northwest High School in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, PA, on February 28, 2020. (Photo by Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced the first two confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state of Pennsylvania.

    “I want to assure Pennsylvanians that we are prepared for this. This is not the first rapidly spreading virus we have faced, and it certainly will not be our last,” Wolf said in a tweet. 

    Here’s what we know about the two people:

    One is an adult from Wayne County and is currently in their home in isolation. The person recently traveled to a country where COVID-19 is present.

    Another is from an adult from Delaware County and is also in their home in isolation. The person recently traveled to an area of the United States where COVID-19 is present.

    Source: CNN News


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