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Published on: 2020-10-23
By Dr. John Campbell


  1. I made a quick calculation to assess how deadly the virus is in the various countries. I simply divided the number of deaths by the total population number. The results (number of deaths per million inhabitants) show striking differences. On 18 March, 1 pm MET, Italy had a death rate of 41 per million, Iran 13.5 and Spain 12.8, whereas South-Korea had only 1.6 and Germany a virtually insignificant 0.3. How can we explain these differences?

  2. Hello doctor,
    Am Swiss citizen living in the Dominican Republic. Could not find your e mail address so I contact you here. I follow your videos daily and have to tell you the following 1.: Hydroxycloroquine helps pretty well if given at the very beginning of the disease. It has no positive results if given at later stages. Unfortunately studies are negative because of this. There are few studies about it because it is too cheap…
    You speak a lot of fit D but you should specify that it must be vit. D3 and that in northern countries like UK the sun is too weak to produce it in winter months and must be at 30 degrees above horizon which is only the case in summer between 12 and 2 pm (where UV B are stronger than the dangerous UV A. So vit D3 must be taken with vitamin K 2 (metaquinone) to avoid calcium buildup in tissues and so drive it to bones. For your information please see
    Peakprosperity coronavirus, Especially ” Are our scientists lying to us?” all are interesting. Good also the series about Dr. Seheult. Personally I think that corruption, false news and the hunger for profit are the real pandemic…
    Keep up with your wonderful work.
    Be well Michael

  3. Hello Dr John Campbell,
    I am an avid watcher of your YouTube videos.
    Today I saw a quick video you showed of a gentleman, I don’t remember his name, who believes he had the virus in October 2019. Are you aware that at the World games held in China last year, members of the female French and Canadian teams were really sick and arrived back home and took a few weeks to recover. They reported that it was an unusual sickness they contracted. I think they believed they had the corona virus too.
    I enjoy your videos,
    Wendy Kerr

  4. Dear Dr Campbell

    Thank you for the wonderfully informative videos on YouTube. I watch them often. Just to corroborate my comment on your YouTube site yesterday that says that approximately 100 000 corona-virus test kits in South Africa were dumped. The information that came out in the media is that they were a couple of hundred, from those that were seen (???) However, as one can see from the links I will post for your information below, the wind was blowing strongly and some children had picked them up and taken them to their village nearby (they were all over the place… What is striking about the government line that the “courier” is responsible is this – A courier must have a closed vehicle, and how should it then get off the vehicle and onto the side of the road? Something about this version is not right. I provide some links on the story for your information below:


    Please keep your wonderfully informative and down-to-earth YouTube videos coming. There is really so much misinformation on the web, that it is good to have a place where one can find some accurate and no-nonsense information. There are so many conspiracy theories, etc around. Perhaps you can address and debunk some of them – like the one (big in Africa) where peopla re saying more people are dying of TB than of covid, but there are cures for TB (since it is bacterial) and some people have natural resistance to the disease and covid is extremely infectious by comparison.Then there’s the “new world order” and “controlling the people through lockdowns” issue, etc.

    Kind regards and best wishes.

  5. Dear Dr John,

    I am V Swamy from Poona in India.
    I am a PhD in organic chemistry, I worked in the UK for 3 years as a Post doctoral research fellow in Kings College, London.
    I have been following your videos since January and really appreciate your knowledge and dedication.

    Watched, your video today on YouTube on Vitamin D and vaccines, hence thought of giving you some details I have with regards to vaccines in India.
    Serum Institute of India in Pune is manufacturing the Oxford vaccine in India. SII is probably into a collaboration with Novomax as well.
    There are 2 other indigenous vaccines in P1/2.
    Covaxin is developed by Bharat Biotech, Hyderabad. It is a attenuated virus. The work is being carried out in collaboration with National Institute of Virology, Pune (Poona in the British times).
    2 days ago Bharat biotech released the results of studies conducted on monkeys. The results are positive.
    A DNA vaccine is being developed by Zydus Cadila, this too is in P2. Zydus is in Amedabad.
    Apart from these just today Dr Reddys Laboratories, Hyderabad has gone into an agreement with the Russian vaccine manufacturers Sputnik.

    News on all these are on the Internet.

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge and awareness through your videos.

    Best regards

  6. Dear John, I have been watching some of your YouTube releases, and they are mostly factual and of value. However, I did watch your description of the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD), and was disappointed at your rather obvious distaste for this eminent group of epidemiologists, supported by thousands of doctors and scientists. You said their argument was mainly economic, but then describe a series of health impacts they speak about. Then you raise concerns about their stated impacts on the young, and again, your distaste was palpable. I am not sure what planet you are on, but in Australia, and Victoria in particular that persist with the harshest lockdowns in the world, depression and suicide are at record levels. Many of our doctors and police, who deal with this every day are getting very depressed. Yes, the young are wearing many economic and career impacts, will have to repay the debts, but also suffer significant health impacts.
    Good public health policy must balance all aspects of the impact of any disease and mitigation approach, yet many government health departments and their political masters only focus on the infection rates for SARS-CoV-2, even though the vast majority have no or mild symptoms, and quickly recover. They use fear to instil compliance, which is actually a disgrace. Yes, many elderly are dying, but at this stage, the number of deaths is not that much more than a bad outbreak of a new influenza strain. This is the way for any new virus or mutation, as you should know as a nurse.
    This group of eminent scientists, clearly with a differing view from convention, are being backed by many other groups. The World Doctors Alliance is another.
    It is about time we all take a balanced view of this so-called pandemic, and really consider the data without the noise from self interested politicians, their health department lackeys or the hysterical media.
    The concept of greater care for the higher risk groups, and moderate cautionary guidelines (social distancing, masks when this cannot be achieved, hand washing, etc) for the other 95-98% of the population to let them get back to work and studies is extremely sensible. Have you bothered to notice China is back into full production, as is South Korea and Taiwan?
    This virus spreads rapidly, and has probably infected vast numbers of the population already (far greater than testing shows), as demonstrated by Sweden, where a level of herd immunity is now apparent. Had Sweden employed the advice of the GBD, and correctly isolated and protected their aged care facilities, they would be the primary European example of how best to deal with this virus. It is the same here in Victoria, Australia. Our stupid government used untrained security personnel and ex-bouncers to guard infected returning travellers in quarantine hotels. Some of these guards were actually having sex with the return travellers while they were quarantined, then took the virus to their ethnic families, who then went to their cleaning and service jobs in aged care facilities. 90% of our deaths directly relate to this failure.
    Once you get your mind around the GBD approach, you will see that it is actually a balanced strategy based on sensible quarantine and care of the vulnerable, initiation of normal health services and preventative screening, return to normal education of our future young, and yes, a sensible return to economic activity that pays for all the above.
    Keep up the good work, but do try to back away from your training and dogma. Perhaps there is actually another, more balanced approach?


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