National Nurses United says 80 of its members nationwideare currently self-quarantined due to the novel coronavirus. 

Speaking at a press conference today, Bonnie Castillo, a registered nurse and executive director of National Nurses United, said, “it is not a successful strategy to leave nurses and other health care workers unprotected so that one patient can sideline so many workers at once.”  

“When we are quarantined we’re not only prevented from caring for our COVID-19 patients, but also taken away from caring for our cancer patients, our cardiac patients, our premature babies. Nurses need to be protected so that we can care for all our patients when they need us,” Castillo said.

During the press conference, Deborah Burger, president of California Nurses Association, read a letter from an anonymous nurse who works in California and is currently self-quarantined. In the letter, the nurse said they are struggling to get a test, despite developing a fever after caring for a patient who tested positive for novel coronavirus. 

The nurse is currently waiting to get a test, the letter said. 

“This is not a ticket dispenser at the deli counter. It’s a public health emergency, delaying this test puts the whole community at risk,” the letter added.

Source: CNN.News


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