Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Washington state tomorrow, where he’ll meet with the state’s governor Jay Inslee to discuss coronavirus coordination.

The visit comes as there are now 137 cases of the novel coronavirus in the US, 27 of which are in Washington state, which includes nine fatalities.

“I’ll be in Olympia. I’ll be meeting with Gov. Jay Inslee and we’ll be bringing our team with us to further coordinate and ensure that we are giving all support necessary to Washington state’s efforts there,” Pence said during a meeting in the Roosevelt Room with diagnostic lab CEOs.

Pence said he spoke to Inslee yesterday.

Pence will also visit with company 3M in Minnesota on Thursday to discuss a supplemental bill regarding masks for US healthcare workers. 

“We want to make sure the people that are caring for the American public have the proper protective gear, masks and gloves, to be safe as they administer their care,” he said

Source: CNN News


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