New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a bevy of steps being taken in the wake of new coronavirus cases in the state.

Here are some of the next steps the governor announced today:

  • Officials are testing “a number” of people in the New York City law firm where the patient from Westchester, New York, works. Some tests are pending but none have come back positive.
  • Eight employees of Lawrence Hospital, where the man first went before transferring to a New York City hospital, are being tested.
  • The man’s daughter attends SAR High School, which will continue to be closed. People who had contact with the individual should be on self-quarantine meaning stay at home and limit your exposure to people, through this Friday. If symptoms develop, individuals are encouraged to contact healthcare professionals.
  • An associated synagogue CNN previously reported on will be closed through March 8 and Cuomo said individuals should be on self-quarantine as well, pending any developments.
  • SAR elementary will be closed through Friday. Individuals are not required to self-quarantine.
  • Yeshiva University — where the man’s son goes to school — will be closed through at least this Friday.

Source: CNN News


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