Scotland facing ‘serious situation’


The Scottish government has set out its strategy to cope with coronavirus as part of a “four nations” action plan.

The first minister said “well-established” plans were being activated to tackle a “serious situation”.

“I know people are hearing scary figures and it is important to stress that they are worst case scenarios,” Nicola Sturgeon said.

The UK government has warned that up to a fifth of the UK workforce could be off sick at the same time.

Scotland has only one confirmed case of coronavirus so far. The patient, from the Tayside area, is “clinically well”, but is in isolation in hospital as a precaution.

The number of cases across the UK currently stands at 39.

The UK’s coronavirus action plan outlines measures that could be taken if the virus spreads.

They include the police only responding to the most serious crimes and maintaining public order, and the military providing support to the emergency services.

Other possible measures include school closures, reducing social gatherings and working from home.

The Scottish government has activated its “resilience room” to co-ordinate the Scottish response to the virus.


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