Sacramento shoppers stock up on supplies as coronavirus concerns intensify


    Source : Fox40

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Empty store shelves and sold out signs are becoming more common in Northern California as concerns over the novel coronavirus continue to grow.

    Sacramento resident Kim Hamm went to Costco Monday for paper towels and toilet paper.

    “They were out at the other one that we went to earlier today and I wanted to make sure I had enough just in case,” she told FOX40.

    Many shoppers like Hamm went to Costco in Sacramento to stock up on their essentials after first stopping at other stores with fewer items to choose from.

    “There’s not much in there,” Hamm explained. “There were people asking, ‘Where is the paper towels? Where’s the toilet paper?’ And asking the workers whether or not they had any more and they said no and they don’t know when any more is coming in.”

    At the Sacramento warehouse, customers loaded their carts with toilet paper, paper towels and disinfecting wipes. Water was also selling out fast.

    “I came yesterday and there was no more water,” said shopper Gina Barros.

    Barros came back Monday and bought seven cases to make sure her family did not run out anytime soon.

    “We’re just prepared, you know,” Barros said. “We don’t want to get sick and I have kids. I didn’t even send my kids to school.”

    While some items can still be found around town, others were nowhere to be found.

    “We’ve actually been on shortage for masks for about a month and they’re not expecting any until maybe early to mid-April and that’s multiple pharmacies wide because our wholesaler is out as well,” said Alex Cavalari, a pharmacist at Parkside Compounding Pharmacy and Wellness Center.

    Cavalari said the bulk-buying of masks has also left a shortage for those who need them.

    “We actually use masks for compounding in the lab, so we’re having to ration and it’s actually putting us in a shortage to protect some of our personnel that we use in the lab,” Cavalari told FOX40.

    The pharmacy was also already sold out of hand sanitizer.

    Cavalari said the best defense against COVID-19 is maintaining good hand hygiene and staying home when sick.


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