China’s reported new cases drop to lowest in more than a month


    China said Tuesday it had confirmed 125 new cases in the previous 24 hours, with 31 new deaths. All of the deaths and 114 of the infections were in Hubei province.

    The number of new cases reported each day has been declining over the past week; the figures released Tuesday were the lowest announced by China’s National Health Commission since Jan. 20.

    Chinese officials have lauded their success in restricting the outbreak to Hubei and have begun to close hastily constructed hospitals in Wuhan, the city worst hit by the crisis, as patients are discharged or moved.

    But the vast majority of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus around the world remain in China — where there have been 80,151 confirmed cases with 2,943 deaths — and health experts remain cautious about whether the outbreak is fully under control.



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