There are 89 coronavirus cases in the US


There are now 89 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in the United States.

This count included cases confirmed by the CDC as well as presumptive positive cases that have been confirmed through the US public health system of state and local health agencies, but are still pending CDC confirmation. 

These include…

  • 44 people who were aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship
  • 3 people repatriated from China
  • 42 US cases

The 42 US cases include 16 in California, one in Massachusetts, 13 in Washington state (including 2 fatalities), one in Arizona, three in Illinois, one in Wisconsin, two in Oregon, two in Rhode Island, one in New York and two in Florida. 

There are at least 19 instances of possible community spread transmission, and at least four cases that have not been classified as either travel related or community spread.

Source: CNN News

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