Ecuador reports five new Covid-19 cases


Ecuador has confirmed five additional cases of the new coronavirus, health minister Catalina Andramuño said.

The announcement brings the total number of infected patients in the country to six.

The five people newly infected with the virus had all had direct contact with an elderly woman who was the first to be diagnosed in the country.

The woman – an Ecuadorean citizen who lives in Spain – flew to Ecuador from Madrid without presenting symptoms.

She started to feel ill shortly after her arrival and was sent to one of the public hospitals equipped to deal with the virus.

The five people had “mild symptoms”, said Ms Andramuño, adding that a further 177 people who may have come into contact with her were being monitored by authorities.

Security official Franklin Bajaña said that the five people were in quarantine at home, according to the InfoBae website. This treatment plan would continue while their symptoms remained mild, he added.

Source: BBC News


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