BBC News cuts off FM’s briefing to show PM’s


    THE First Minister gave a press briefing on the Government’s approach to the spread of coronavirus in the UK this afternoon – but BBC News cut her off to show Boris Johnson speaking on the subject.

    The SNP and Tory leaders attended the same UK Government resilience (COBR) meeting this morning. While Nicola Sturgeon was informing the public on what was discussed at the meeting, BBC News switched over to show the Prime Minister answering similar questions.

    Last night the Scottish Government confirmed one case of coronavirus had been found in Scotland – a patient in Tayside who had recently returned from Italy. 

    According to Scotland’s chief medical officer Dr Catherine Calderwood, the patient is “clinically well” but was taken to hospital last night “as a precautionary measure only”.

    After speaking on how the Scottish Government plans to respond to expected further coronavirus cases, Sturgeon began: “The public should be reassured that there are well-staffed -“

    The BBC journalist then interrupts: “Straight to Boris Johnson speaking about coronavirus.”

    The Prime Minister is then shown speaking about the COBR meeting.

    At the press conference, Sturgeon said the Scottish Government is expecting a “significant outbreak of coronavirus” after the first case was diagnosed.

    She added the Government is “planning for the likelihood of a significant outbreak of coronavirus”.



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