Japan: 947 cases, death toll at 12


The latest data from Japan’s Health Ministry and local authorities demonstrate that the current number of the infected with the novel coronavirus in the country has reached 947, with the death toll of 12, NHK broadcasting company reported.

Most of the infected, 705, are the passengers and the crew members of Diamond Princess cruise ship, other 14 are among those evacuated from China via charter flights, and the last 228 are the ones who have got infected in Japan or Japanese tourists who have returned from China, according to the broadcaster.

Japan has already canceled public events and will close most of its schools starting Monday. Tokyo and Osaka will not hold traditional cherry blossom viewing events. Disneyland and other theme parks are closed from Saturday to mid-March.

On a global scale, to date, the coronavirus disease has infected over 85,000 people, of whom 2,900 have died and nearly 40,000 have recovered. It has already spread to other 50 countries across the world.

Source: sputniknews.com


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