Many readers have asked when they should begin reconsidering their travel plans as coronavirus fears intensify.

Tariro Mzezewa, a travel reporter for the New York Times, said the situation is still so fluid — so it’s impossible to predict what kind of travel advisories might exist weeks or months from now. 

“I think if your trip is a few months away, you’re okay. This is a really fluid situation. Things are changing not even weekly, but day-to-day things are changing, so if you’ve got a trip at the end of April, give it a little bit more time and see how the situation evolves,” she said.

A few days to about a week before your expected departure might be the time to think about possible changes to your plans. 

Remember: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US State Department are both issuing regular travel advisories for destinations that are significantly impacted by the virus outbreak. Monitor those “closely and regularly,” advises Dr. Henry Wu, director of Emory Healthcare’s TravelWell Center.

Source: CNN.News


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