Virus is a Democrat ‘hoax’, says Donald Trump


    Donald Trump has lashed out at Democrats who have questioned his handling of the coronavirus threat, calling it their new “hoax”. Trump accused rivals of “politicising” the virus and boasted about preventive steps he has taken to keep it from spreading.

    Meanwhile, one in 10 people in the UK could be hospitalised with coronavirus, health officials believe, as they drew up new plans to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed.

    Health chiefs are drawing up a “battle plan”, which will say that hospital operationscould be cancelled, and treatment rationed, in a bid to contain the outbreak.

    Yesterday saw the first death of a British patient, an elderly holidaymaker who caught the virus on the Diamond Princess cruise liner that was docked in Japan. The number of coronavirus cases in the UK rose to 20 on Friday night, with concerns that the latest case may be the first involving a patient who contracted the virus in Britain.



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