President Trump said Saturday the administration was considering additional travel restrictions to deal with coronavirus. 

Asked if he was considering closing the southern border due to coronavirus, Trump said “yes” and later said “very strongly.” Later, he seemed to indicate he was walking it back.

“We are looking also at the southern border. In fact, some of the folks are here right now, Ken (Cuccinelli) is here some place, and yes, we are thinking about the southern border,” the President said. “We have received a lot of power over the southern border over the last couple of years from the courts but we are looking at that very strongly.”

When confronted with the fact that Mexico has far fewer cases than the US, Trump seemed to contradict himself.

“We’re not talking about it,” Trump said. “We have to think all borders, we have to think about, as it pertain to what we’re talking about here, this is not a border that seems to be much of a problem right now. We hope we won’t have to do that.”

Source: CNN.News


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