With new cases of novel coronavirus reported daily in countries across the globe, many of you have asked if you should cancel or postpone existing plans and hold off on booking new trips.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. 

It’s very much an individual calculation, experts say, taking a number of factors — the traveler, their companions, the destination and more — into consideration.

In a situation that’s unpredictable and evolving quickly, solid information is key. Here’s what you can consider to help inform your decision: 

  • Travel advisories: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US State Department are both issuing regular travel advisories for destinations that are significantly impacted by the virus outbreak. Monitor those “closely and regularly,” advises Dr. Henry Wu, director of Emory Healthcare’s TravelWell Center.
  • Personal factors: Elderly travelers or those who have other conditions should consider that they might be at higher risk for complications of infections, Wu said.
  • Risk assessment: Baruch Fischhoff, a psychologist and professor in the department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, encourages travelers to think about it like this: Would you be better off going or not going, regardless of the cost?

Source: CNN.News


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