As the number of coronavirus cases increase, reports are showing that there is a growing worldwide mask shortage. This has people asking themselves if they should be wearing one.

Tariro Mzezewa, a New York Times travel reporter, tells CNN the measure is not necessary unless you are sick or are interacting with sick people.

“If you’re not interacting with somebody’s who’s sick or you’re not the person who’s sick, you don’t really need a mask. The people who are sick need those, and you know, there are various kinds of masks. CDC has a whole guide on its side that’s breaking down the differences between the kinds of masks and so on. If you’re not the sick one, you probably don’t really need it,” Mzezewa said.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend Americans wear surgical masks in public. Surgical masks are effective against respiratory infections but not airborne infections.

Source: CNN.News


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