Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said that 700 people who have returned from China have been monitored for coronavirus in the state. Of those, 150 are still being monitored, 15 have tested negative and 4 are “under investigation.” 

What this means: Being “monitored” means the person is self-isolated and with limited contact — keeping at least 6-feet distance — with others. The individual also checks his or her temperature twice a day. If the person develops symptoms, they are asked to contact the state.

The people who have been tested for Coronavirus have exhibited symptoms like coughing and fever. The four people who are “under investigation” exhibited respiratory symptoms.

DeSantis made this announcement after meeting with Vice President Mike Pence in West Palm Beach. 

DeSantis said he expressed that one of the biggest issues the state is dealing with is not being able to test for coronavirus locally. The Florida governor said he would like to have testing done in Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami. 

Source: CNN.News


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