Spain cases spike to 32, hundreds of tourists in Tenerife need monitoring


Spain has reported 18 new cases of the coronavirus overnight, bringing its total number to 32, according to the health ministry.

Twenty-nine of those cases have a direct link to known risk zones in other countries, the ministry’s emergencies coordinator, Fernando Simon, told reporters Friday.

But where the three other patients contracted the virus is unknown, he said, as they hadn’t recently travelled to affected areas.

Meanwhile, 130 guests at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel in Tenerife will be allowed to leave today after several days on lockdown, Simon said. Those guests had no contact with four people who have tested positive at the hotel.

“Apart from that group there is a group of 500 people who might have had casual contact with the infected patients — not a close contact — who have no symptoms. They need to be monitored but they don’t have to be isolated. We need to make a decision regarding those. They are mostly foreigners and we need to work with their governments to arrange their exit, this is not as easy”, Simon said.



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