Canada issues travel health notices for 7 countries


    The Canadian government is still recommending citizens avoid non-essential travel to China, despite the ease in new infections over the past week.

    The Public Health Agency of Canada updated its list of travel health notices in response to the coronavirus this week.

    Only China is at a level 3 alert, or “avoid non-essential travel.” Iran, Italy and South Korea are all at level 2, or “practice special precautions,” due to hundreds of confirmed infections being reported in the three countries.

    The notices are to alert Canadian travelers of the health risks associated when they travel. The agency asks its citizens to monitor their health during travel and when they return, if they develop symptoms, to contact their local health authority.  

    Here is the full list:

    • China: Level 3 – Avoid non-essential travel
    • Hong Kong: Level 1 – Practice usual precautions
    • Iran: Level 2 – Practice special precautions
    • Japan: Level 1 – Practice usual precautions
    • Northern Italy: Level 2 – Practice special precautions
    • Singapore: Level 1 – Practice usual precautions
    • South Korea: Level 2 – Practice special precautions



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