How dangerous is COVID-19 for asthmatics, and other questions


Here are the BBC News Health team’s answers to a range of of readers’ questions about the disease.

How dangerous is coronavirus for people who, like me, have asthma? – Lesley-Anne, Falkirk

Respiratory infections, such as coronavirus, can trigger the symptoms of asthma.

Asthma UK advises those who are concerned about the virus to follow a series of steps to manage their asthma.

These include taking a preventer inhaler daily as prescribed. This helps cut the risk of an asthma attack being triggered by any respiratory virus, including coronavirus.

If asthma symptoms become worse at any point, call NHS 111 or make a next-day GP appointment. Anyone having an asthma attack should follow the steps on their asthma action plan and call 999 for an ambulance if needed.

Asthma UK’s full advice regarding coronavirus can be found here.

If my husband and I got the virus, could our pets be infected? – Pat Jackson

No. According to the World Health Organization there is no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted between humans and your family pet.

Coronaviruses occur in almost all animal species, including humans. They are usually specific to a single species and transmission between species is very uncommon.

But you should still make sure that after touching your pets you wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Pets can carry bacteria like E.coli and salmonella and these bugs can pass between pets and humans.

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