Coronavirus: China’s legal system ‘will be more lenient’ on private sector


Source : SCMP

China’s judiciary has assured the country’s business sector that courts will be more reluctant to interrupt their operations while the economy weathers the impact from the coronavirus outbreak.

“If the law allows more lenient measures, [we] should try not to use forceful measures that would limit their personal freedom and property rights,” Zhang Shuyuan, vice-president of the Supreme People’s Court, said during a Wednesday press conference in Beijing.

Businesses in China’s vibrant private sector have long complained about discriminatory measures they face compared with the state sector, including greater difficulty in borrowing from banks and bidding for projects, and little protection of their rights when they are investigated by the country’s law enforcement.

The remarks came with Beijing struggling to keep the growth of the world’s second largest economy on track while containing one of its worst public health crises of modern times.


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