China introduces targeted coronavirus controls for each county


Source : SCMP

China will impose coronavirus controls on a county-by-county basis rather than introducing provincewide restrictions to encourage resumption of work and production.

The National Development and Reform Commission said that with the exception of those in Hubei province and Beijing, each county would be classified as either a low, medium or high-risk area, depending on conditions in each locality.

“[Epidemic controls] need to be differentiated and implemented with precision,” NDRC spokesman Ou Xiaoli said.

In low-risk areas, restrictions on work and daily life should be completely lifted. There should not be any restrictions on businesses resuming production, Ou said.

On Tuesday, China recorded nine new Covid-19 cases outside Hubei.

Also on Tuesday, Hubei ordered all government agencies to continue to strictly control all exits from Wuhan and the province.

The order came one day after Wuhan did a U-turn on an earlier announcement of an easing of the city’s lockdown measures.


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