Italy’s Patient 1 is a Marathon Runner


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Last February 2 he participated in the half marathon of Santa Margherita Ligure and on the 9th he ran with his team in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano. Parents: “Our son is very serious”

The 38 year old infected with the coronavirus and hospitalized in Codogno had participated in a half marathon on 2 February in S. Margherita Ligure and on the 9th he had run in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano with his team, as the president of the association tells ANSA. ” When we understood that the person infected was him, this morning I called 112 and they asked me if we are all well, telling us that they will come home to do the test. We are all well and we are all at home, I have given names of all the 40 people who have been in contact with him and we are waiting to be contacted “.

” It is very serious, he is intubated – says the father of the 38-year-old from Codogno infected by Coronavirus in an interview with Fanpage – . He plays football, he is a runner: he does everything, bicycle, swimming pool, he is such a beast tall, 90 kilos , has a strong structure. Our son is very serious. We are destroyed. He is intubated, he sleeps, a painful thing . “The parents are in self-quarantine:” They told us not to go out and not to let anyone in. We? We are fine, we have no symptoms, but we cannot say that we are fine … “, they add waiting to be subjected to the appropriate tests to find out if they have been infected.

Football is another passion

The 38-year-old last Saturday had taken the field with his team, Picchio Somaglia , against Amatori Sabbioni, at the Madignano stadium, in the province of Cremona. This is confirmed by contacted by telephone by ANSA, an amateur team manager. As for the teammates of the man, ” we are waiting for indications from the health, we have all been contacted and for the moment we are all at home .” ” We were contacted this morning by the ATS of Milan, they told us – he tells ANSA the manager of the company –to go home from work and to quarantine ourselves at home, to lock ourselves in a room and avoid contact with other people. They wanted the contacts of all the players and managers who were at the game to contact us individually. From what I understand they should come and swab us at home. As for me, I am calm, we should hardly have contracted the virus, we had no direct contact with the infected person . “The manager does not hide that” this morning when they called me I was at work and I thought about a joke , then I called the coach of the other team and unfortunately he confirmed everything to me. Now, since we played on February 15, we are all sick until 29 “.


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