Italy scrambles to contain coronavirus outbreak after admitting hospital mess-up


    Source : CNN

    Milan, Italy (CNN)Italian authorities were on the defensive Tuesday as they faced tough questions over the country’s handling of the novel coronavirus, which is rapidly spreading across the country’s northern regions.

    Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has tried to allay fears that the central government has no control over the affected regions after he was forced to admit that a hospital in the northern town of Codogno had mishandled the region’s first coronavirus case and had contributed to the deadly virus’ spread.

    Italy now has the highest number of coronavirus infections outside Asia, as 54 new cases were detected in the country’s north overnight, bringing the total to 283, the Italian civil protection agency said Tuesday.The cases are heavily concentrated in the region of Lombardy where 212 infections have been confirmed.

    Seven people have so far died from the virus in the country.”Our health system is excellent, our precautionary measures are of the utmost rigor and we trust that, by virtue of the combined provisions … we will promote a containment effect,” Conte told reporters on Tuesday.


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