British couple Sally and David Abel ‘in really bad way’ with pneumonia


Source : METRO

A British couple diagnosed with coronavirus after spending two weeks in quarantine on the Princess Diamond cruise ship have now contracted pneumonia.

Earlier this week Steve described how his dad  was already suffering from Type 2 diabetes and early onset dementia before he contracted the virus.

In videos posted within the last 24 hours, Steve claimed his parents are now in a hospital room with no bathing or shower facilities. Steve said: ‘They are in a really bad way, they are really distressed, dad is very weak. He can’t walk around – he’s in a wheelchair now.

‘I haven’t seen him in a wheelchair, but mum tells me he has to be put in a wheelchair to go from the ambulance to the hospital. ‘His exact words to me were, “this has to stop now, we can’t take any more of this, it’s like a prison”.

‘They haven’t eaten properly, neither of them can eat the food.

They don’t know what’s happening, they haven’t had any treatments. ‘They have been told they won’t get any treatments, but have been told they will see if they test negative for the coronavirus in two or three days and if they test negative twice they can go – but that doesn’t treat the pneumonia, which is what we are so worried about.’


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