As global coronavirus outbreak spreads, hoteliers watch for economic effects in Hawaii


    Source : Hawaii News Now

    HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – Tourism executives across Hawaii are watching for economic sniffles from the coronavirus, but so far the state is inoculated against its worst effects.

    “Like almost every hotel that caters to a global clientele we have experienced some cancellations, which is to be expected, but not of a significant level,” said Peter Shaindlin, chief operating officer of Halekulani Corporation.

    A new report from the UH Economic Research Organization, headlined, “Coronavirus Presents Danger to Hawaii Tourism,” sounds more alarm, referring to “a considerable — if as yet uncertain — risk to Hawaii’s economy in the year to come.”

    International visitor traffic, a fraction of Hawaii’s total tourism in the best of times, has already been in decline for non-viral reasons, like unfavorable currency exchange rates.


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