South Korea reports 4th military member infected with COVID-19

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South Korea reports that a fourth member of its military has been infected with coronavirus on Saturday, according to the country’s Defense Ministry.

A soldier in the army in Pocheon, northern Gyeonggi province, tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Saturday.

The man had visited his home in Daegu while on a vacation from February 10-14, the ministry said. Daegu has seen an outbreak of the virus, with 28 cases in the city and 103 in North Gyeongsang province, which surrounds Daegu.

The soldier has been isolated, and anyone who has come into contact with him have also been isolated, the ministry said.

On Thursday, South Korea’s Defense Ministry restricted all military personnel from going on vacations, leaving base, staying out overnight and meeting visitors from Saturday.

Infections surge: Cases in South Korea have passed 340 after more than 140 new infections were reported on Saturday. Nearly half of the total cases are associated with a religious group in Daegu.

Source: CNN News
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