Some people in Wuhan say they’re being quarantined despite testing negative


    The World Health Organization said China is making “intensive efforts” to contain the novel coronavirus in response to an inquiry from CNN about conditions in a field hospital and reports that healthy people who had tested negative were being quarantined there.

    The WHO stated that the Chinese government’s efforts were in response to an “unprecedented crisis.” They also credited the containment effort for keeping the number of cases outside of mainland China “relatively low”.

    Some people quarantined in Wuhan field hospitals told CNN’s David Culver that they had previously tested negative for the virus and were afraid they would contract it inside the facility. Images from inside the hospitals show close living quarters.

    Here’s the statement from the WHO:

    “Our acknowledgement of China’s response is purely based on evidence; the fact that they shared the genome sequencing of the virus with WHO and the world in record time, thus preventing the virus from spreading to other countries; the fact that they have shared epidemiological data with WHO since the beginning of the outbreak and then regularly: the fact that they have willingly joined all WHO experts’ networks and are sharing their experience and knowledge regularly through these platforms; and the fact that they welcomed a WHO-led team of international experts to come to China and support local counterparts.
    China is facing an unprecedented crisis and is responding in an unprecedented manner. We need to acknowledge that the relatively low number of cases of the virus detected outside of China is as a result of the intensive efforts the Chinese government is taking to contain the emergency and protect other countries.”

    Source: CNN News

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