COVID19 kills young Wuhan doctor as hundreds infected in China’s prisons


A 29-year-old doctor in Wuhan has become the latest victim of the coronavirus as China reported infections in prisons in three provinces, as well as clusters in Beijing.

Wuhan health authorities said Peng Yinhua, who worked in respiratory and critical care at Jiangxia district’s First People’s Hospital, had contracted the infection while working on the “front line”.

Peng, who had been featured in state media previously for delaying his wedding to continue working, was admitted to hospital on 25 January. His condition dramatically worsened by 30 January, when he was sent to the Jinyintan hospital in Wuhan for emergency treatment. He died on Thursday at 9.50pm, according to a statement from his hospital.

His death came as China reported an increase in new cases of coronavirus, with 1,109 new confirmed infections, compared with 394 the day before, bringing the total number of cases in mainland China to 74,685. The death toll has now reached 2,236, with 118 new deaths as of the end of Thursday.

It has also emerged more than 500 cases have been confirmed in prisons across China.

On Friday, Hubei province revised its number of newly confirmed cases to add 220 infections from the province’s prison system. Officials did not say when those infections took place but said that a total of 271 cases, of which 51 had already been counted, had been diagnosed. Of those, 230 were in Wuhan’s women’s prison. The head of the women’s prison has been dismissed.

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