China claims it has taken prudent action during COVID-19 outbreak


Chinese officials say the government has taken prudent action in the handling of the novel coronavirus. China’s State Council Information Office held a news conference today to lay out this case.

Yu Xiangyang, the deputy secretary general of State Council, said the city of Wuhan was put under travel restrictions and the Lunar New Year holiday was extended after President Xi Jinping instructed a senior adviser to “supervise efforts to contain the novel coronavirus.” 

“It’s not easy for us to make these decisions,” Yu said. “It’s known that for infectious disease, whatever treatment used, the most economically friendly measure is to isolate the population.”

Yu also said the government mobilized resources and imports after finding daily demand was 15,000 protective suits a day when the supply was only 10,000 suits a day.

Yu said there were not enough hospital beds at first but it was not acceptable to turn suspected cases away. He said the government established an “accountability mechanism” to ensure that “officials and governments at all levels are held accountable in a city and a province”. 

In a bid to ensure accountability, Yu said, “We will exercise maximum penalty to all those not doing their job well while working on prevention and control of the epidemic” and said the government was conducting “undercover investigations in communities.” 

Yu went on to say all reported missed cases covered in the media have been investigated by Xi’s adviser, Sun Chunlan, and that all patients involved have been treated.

Source: CNN News

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