Chinese quarantined in Kitui, Kenya


    A  Chinese working with the Synohydro Corporation, which is tarmacking the Kibwezi-Kitui- Mwingi road, has been  isolated  for displaying symptoms similar to those of coronavirus.

    On Monday evening, Kitui County Chief officer for health and sanitation, Richard Muthoka, confirmed that the Chinese has been quarantined at the company’s site at Mutomo trading centre in Kitui South.

     Muthoka said that the patient was among 18 Chinese workers who returned to Kenya recently from vacation in China. He said he was the only one who developed symptoms similar to coronavirus and was isolated by the company manager at a house in the company’s Mutomo camp.

    “We have received information that he is held in isolation in a house on the company site and cooks have been advised to serve him food through a window,” said Muthoka on phone.

    He added that  he had dispatched  medical personnel  from Kitui  to Mutomo to try and reach the sick  Chinese and draw a specimen for analysis.

    “My officers we  not allowed into the company site  but I have advised them to get security  from the Mutomo sub county  police  headquarters  so that  they could reach the sick Chinese  to get a specimen for testing,” said the  County health chief.

    Muthoka said health officials were on the ground in Mutomo and advised residents to keep away from the site where the patient has been quarantined.



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