13 Americans moved to Omaha facility from evacuation flights


More than a dozen Americans evacuated on US-chartered flights from a cruise ship docked in Japan were being tested for the novel coronavirus at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, health officials said Monday.

The 13 patients, who were among 300 Americans quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess for nearly two weeks, had either tested positive for the virus or had a high likelihood of testing positive because of their symptoms said, Dr. Chris Kratochvil, an executive director of the Global Center for Health Security at the hospital in Omaha.

The patients arrived at the hospital early Monday and were awaiting test results. Twelve patients were transported to the hospital’s National Quarantine Center. One patient with a chronic condition was taken to a bio-containment unit for further evaluation, health officials said.

“I think they were relieved to be here. I think they felt comfortable. They saw our teams arrive, and I think we were Nebraska-nice and friendly but also we were confident we could care for them,” Kratochvil said.I

n all, 14 passengers from the Diamond Princess had tested positive for the novel coronavirus, US departments of State and Health and Human Services said.Some were being treated in Omaha and at facilities near Travis Air Force Base near Fairfield, California, said Dr. William Walters of the US Department of State’s Bureau of Medical Services.

Source: CNN News


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