COVID19 Impact: Pay Attention To Shanghai, And Japan Infection Rates


    The coronavirus has no end in sight, with consensus now pushing peak Covid-19 — as it is now officially known — out to April. It was initially February 14, but that target was wiped out when public health officials in Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak, increased the number of new patients by over 10,000 in one day.

    Daily death tolls, once averaging 25 a day, have risen fourfold.

    The only positive takeaway in all of this is that it is contained in Hubei. Of the nearly 70,000 cases worldwide, 54,500 are in Hubei. And out of the 1,527 people that have died from respiratory problems caused by the viral lung infection, 1,457 of them were in Hubei. The biggest number of cases outside of China is in Singapore, with just 72 cases.

    There are more people with a common cold in Singapore at the moment than there are with the Wuhan pneumonia. That’s not enough to calm anybody down. This is still red alert time.

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