Toilet paper over flowers on Valentine’s Day in virus-hit Asia


    In Hong Kong and Singapore, gifts of masks and antiseptic are becoming popular presents among friends and colleagues.

    In the high-stakes world of gift giving in Asia’s financial hubs, Montblanc pens and leather folios are out — toilet paper and surgical masks are most definitely in.

    As fears of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) spread across the region, pharmacies and supermarkets in Hong Kong and Singapore are running out of basic supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer and especially masks.

    That’s created an opportunity for financial service providers looking to wow clients and bolster relationships. The Singapore arm of online trading provider IG Group went viral after handing out party packs with 3M Co. N95 face masks, digital thermometers and bottles of Dettol antiseptic.

    Read more : AlJazeera


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