Where do they put the waste of all Medical Supplies?


    Implementation of Environmental Infection Control

    • Dedicated medical equipment should are used for patient care.
    • All non-dedicated, non-disposable medical equipment used for patient care are cleaned and disinfected according to manufacturer’s instructions and facility policies.
    • Environmental cleaning and disinfection procedures are followed consistently and correctly.
    • Routine cleaning and disinfection procedures (e.g., using cleaners and water to pre-clean surfaces prior to applying an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant to frequently touched surfaces or objects for appropriate contact times as indicated on the product’s label) are appropriate for 2019-nCoV in healthcare settings, including those patient-care areas in which aerosol-generating procedures are performed. Products with EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claims are recommended for use against 2019-nCoV. These products can be identified by the following claim:
      • “[Product name] has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to 2019-nCoV on hard non-porous surfaces. Therefore, this product can be used against 2019-nCoV when used in accordance with the directions for use against [name of supporting virus] on hard, non-porous surfaces.”
      • This claim or a similar claim, will be made only through the following communications outlets: technical literature distributed exclusively to health care facilities, physicians, nurses and public health officials, “1-800” consumer information services, social media sites and company websites (non-label related). Specific claims for “2019-nCoV” will not appear on the product or master label.
      • See additional information about EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claimsexternal icon.
      • If there are no available EPA-registered products that have an approved emerging viral pathogen claim for 2019-nCoV, products with label claims against human coronaviruses should be used according to label instructions.
    • Management of laundry, food service utensils, and medical waste should also be performed in accordance with routine procedures.
    • Detailed information on environmental infection control in healthcare settings can be found in CDC’s Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities and Guideline for Isolation Precautions: Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings [section IV.F. Care of the environment].

    Read the whole article here CDC.Gov


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