‘Thousands of African students stranded in coronavirus province’


    Students like Zambian Tisiliyani Salima have been in self-imposed quarantine for more than two weeks.

    Every morning she wakes up to news of scores of more deaths and thousands of new cases of infections in Wuhan.

    Despite the draconian measures taken across the city, there is little sign that the spread of the infection is slowing.

    The argument that China is better equipped to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus than African student’s home nations does little to calm the anxieties of many of the African students living in the surrounding province, Hubei.

    There are thought to be thousands of Africans living across the province where the virus originated.

    Students from Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Cameroon and Ivory Coast are starting to lose hope that their governments will listen to their calls to be evacuated.



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