Petition to Ban China


“This petition is to urge the government to temporarily stop Chinese nationals and travellers from China from arriving on our shores. Philippines is a small city, which makes us even more vulnerable to the spread of this epidemic throughout the whole country, and we do not need to wait for severe cases before we take action. In crucial times like this, our health and our loved ones’ health are what should be prioritized the most. A simple tap on the screen allows all of us to play our part to stop the Wuhan coronavirus from knocking on our doors and making our lives miserable. ” Ban.China

The site Change.Org published this article asking for the help of the Filipinos to sign the petition to temporarily ban chinese nationals and travellers for china. It already have 41,962 signatures as of writing.

But the Filipino people on the internet have a split opinion about the petition to ban China, hence, they started the thread on called #prayforchina

Should the Philippine Government Ban China to reduce the spread of the plague in the country or just let them enter and make necessary precautions instead like what #prayforchina movement is promoting for?

Let us know about your opinion on this. 


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